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1. When can I apply?

application for the Winter Market 2017 will be opened in November 2017

2. Who can apply?

The Academy of Fine Arts Winter Market supports artists and designers who create their own work from design to handmade production. Commercial, second hand and flea market products as well as commercial orientated companies are excluded from the market.

If you want to apply as a larger group (called collective), please name us a contact person, who sends the application.
We try to support people without income and/or without stable residence permit. Please add this information to your application.

3. How can I apply?

You can find the application form directly on our blog:

4. When does application close? When do I get feedback?

Information about Application deadlines will be available soon.
All necessary documents have to be handed in within this period.

Please understand that applications of students of the Academy of Fine Arts are prefered.

5. Market fees:

Prices per beer table (200 cm x 50 cm, including a bench) are:

– 50 € for students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

– 80 € for students

– 150 € for non-students

Optionally you can apply for half a table (€ 25/€ 50/€ 75). We cannot provide any cloth racks. If you bring your own cloth rack, please mention in the application form.

We try to keep fees as low as possible. Therefore we ask for your cooperation e.g. helping to clear away your table after the event.

6. Why do I have to attach my scanned student ID card in the application form?

The market fees for students are kept low. This insures that participation does not fail concerning the financial situation. To avoid misuse we have to check your student ID.

7. Following products are not allowed:

– Food and beverages. If you want to sell food at the bar, please contact us in advance per mail.

– Re-selling preassembled or commercial ware

– Industrially and commercially manufactured goods

– Second hand an flea market ware

– Open fire e.g. candles are strictly forbidden

– Smoking is allowed only in the designated zones

About the Premises (»Semperdepot«):

– Cloth racks can be brought along on your own behalf. Please mention in the application form.

– The premises are well-lit

– Heating and electricity are provided. Please bring your own (long) extension cables.

Since the space is limited, please make sure you do not use more stuff then necessary at your designated place

Please do not use large or long nails in the walls

As last year the time for setting up and taking down your table will be rather short (approx. 1 hour)

you will get one table 200 cm x 50 cm and a bench

For your belongings you hold full responsibility. The premises will be locked during the night.

Thanks to the kind support of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (https://www.akbild.ac.at/), especially the office for public relations and the ÖH Student Union »ÖH Akbild« (https://www.oehakbild.info/), we can provide this beautiful place at very low costs.

We try to keep fees as low as possible. Therefore we ask for your cooperation e.g. helping to clear away your table after the event. For the bar we gratefully accept cake and bakery offerings. Please email us in advance. We also count on you help spreading the word e.g. social media, flyers, …

The earnings form the Wintermarkt coming in outside of the individual marked tables will be used for a small expense allowance for the organizing group and for covering technical and material costs.

Yours, the Academy Wintermarket Team



We like to thank the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna a lot for their support to share the »Atelierhaus« (ehem. »Semperdepot«) with us!


public transport

Please take e. g. U1, U2, U4, 1, 2, D, 71;
U4 Kettenbrückengasse or U1 U2 U4 Karlsplatz

No parking!

Accessible + toilet for handicapped people